Sunday, 1 May 2011

An Unfortunate Roomate

Things have been a bit heavy around here this week. I thought I would lighten the mood by sharing a picture of my shower buddy in Congo:

Yes, this lovely creature lurked right above me in the dorm shower. I'm not going to lie, taking a shower with him hanging over me was creepy...this is also the same type of spider that hung out on my door frame and scared the bejabbers out of me by sitting right next to the handle, then skittered off when I tried to insert the key. YUCK.
I so so wish I would have gotten a picture of the monster cockroach that lived in the dorm bathroom, but I only got to see him once (the rest were not nearly so large). That thing was like a rat. You would have been impressed.


Sweet Apron said...

Ick. I am not a spider person. Nic looked so sweet today-you will be beating the girls off with a stick with both your boys.

crockett said...

C heard me reading your original blog post about the GIANT spider to Myron, and since then she will occasionally refer to 'GIANT SPIDER! GIANT SPIDER!', then move on in conversation. It's pretty funny...