Thursday, 5 May 2011

The First Dose of Our New Reality

Today we got to go to the doctor's again. This time we were back at the pediatrician for shots, as we had to wait to start Nic's vaccinations until after the initial tests were done and after we consulted with the hematologist. Yesterday the hematologist told us to get the vaccinations done, so today the pediatrician set up a special vaccination schedule that prioritized some of the extra vaccinations that kids with sickle cell need to have. The way the schedule works we did the four most important shots today, and then we go back in 30 and sixty days for follow-up shots, which will basically catch him up to the normal vaccination schedule. It probably goes without saying, but Nicolas hated the shots. Poor kid has no idea the number of needles that are in store for him from here on out.

Now, I am not the kind of mom that frequents doctor's offices unless absolutely necessary because I feel that we are just as likely to catch something in those germ-ridden waiting rooms as we are to get minor problems fixed. Before last week I think it had been probably nine months since we had seen the doctor, because Tommy didn't have any ear infections this winter (score!), and when we went in for his flu shot it was only a nurse visit. However, we've been four times in the last eleven days. Times they are a changing.

While we were at the office we managed to get a few things sorted out, but we still have some paperwork related to Nicolas' upcoming blood tests (the one in three months) that has to be sorted out with our HMO and our specialist. The specialist would like the tests done at his hospital so that he can examine Nic's blood himself and then send it to Mayo clinic, and we are hoping the HMO will agree to that. HMO's can be reasonable, right? (nervous laugh) We may be switching to a PPO next open enrollment given our new situation. On a side note, the specialist is eager to look at Nic's blood partly for diagnostic purposes, and partly because it is so "interesting"- yes, we are apparently a family of medical freaks! Yay for us!

After the doctor we had our first drive through pharmacy experience. I never really understood drive through pharmacies, then I had two kids and I have now decided they are amazing. I only wish I had known that you just drop the prescription off and then come back way later, because I could have timed it much better. Next time. Minor irritation related to Nic's new medicine regime: the penicillin he takes only stays good for 14 days and has to be refrigerated at all times. I am going to be swinging by CVS constantly, and traveling is going to be a bit more tricky. Also, the specialist said that Nic would be on this medication every day until he turns five, and then gave us a prescription for one month's worth. I am going to go crazy if I have to call in for a new prescription every single month. I mean, it's penicillin, not Vicodin. What am I going to do, peddle it on the street? Maybe I could pay off some of these medical bills if I did (pssst...if you need a low-dose penicillin solution fix, I'm your woman).

And, right now Nic has a fever. We don't have to call because he is still .8 degrees below our "emergency" number- 101, and he was supposed to run a fever tonight from all the vaccinations. I am really hoping it stays below 101 because I do not fancy a trip to the emergency room tonight. It's raining, it's pouring and little Nic is snoring, and I want him to be able to sleep off today's trauma. Heck, I need to sleep off today's trauma. Now if only those boys will let me sleep...

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Nicole said...

Hey Amy, I've been following Nic's story and praying for you guys. I know how hard it is to wait for tests etc - praying for the best xox