Monday, 9 May 2011

Birds of a Feather and My Little Lemur

On Thursday night Nicolas did run a fever of 101, so I woke up the hematologist at 2am to find out what he wanted us to do. It was unfortunately a doctor who had yet to hear of Nicolas' case, and was thus very confused with my description of what was going may not have been entirely coherent. Hey, it was 2am. He was a little unclear as to how Nicolas might or might not have sickle cell disease. I'm sure he'll be briefed at the next meeting (in our experience with specialists who work in groups they seem to have scheduled meetings to discuss new patients, etc so that you can see any one of them if need be). Thankfully he was a very reasonable man who agreed that Nicolas' fever was caused by the load of vaccinations he received earlier in the day, and since Nicolas didn't have any other warning signs he told me to give Nic some Tylenol and come in the next day if the fever stayed high.

Nicolas woke up smiling. The fever was all gone and he was his happy little self again. Now, what would any normal mother do after being up most of the night with her feverish child? Go to the zoo, of course!

As it so happens, I had promised Tommy a trip to the zoo, and seeing as his life has been (in his mind) less than ideal lately, I decided that it would not be prudent to cancel our plans. Had Nicolas been sick we would have stayed home, but since he was as chipper as ever we went for it. Yes, I was exhausted. However, I have this super cool reusable zoo cup that my mom got me last time we were at the zoo, and this cup scores you free fountain drink refills when you go- ALL year long. I am not a soda person, but I do love iced tea, and the zoo happens to have unsweetened iced tea in their fountains. So, basically I made it through the day by drinking my weight in iced tea. As you can tell by the adorable pictures below, it was well worth it.

I had forgotten how awesome it is when your kids are too little to protest when you dress them up. Tommy has been refusing to put on these zoo costumes since we got the membership, so I have been dying to get a lemur picture for ages (lemurs are very popular in the Cox family). I finally have my lemur picture, and Nicolas' compliance even inspired Tommy to try out being a bird...he still wouldn't put on the lemur vest though, as he didn't want to be distracted from looking at lemur poop. Maybe next time.


Sweet Apron said...

Darling, darling pictures. Charlie loves the lemur costumes. Nic looks pleased to be free of his 3 piece suit.

Hannah said...

Nic is learning very quickly how to work the camera :) and Tommy has the best smile!