Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This and That

Everything has been wrapping up around here, last week we had our last MOPS, last BSF (that I had to miss because I didn't want to leave Nicolas yet), last Spring storytime, and this week we had our last Tuesday Mom's bible study. It has been a full year for us, and we have been so thankful for our fun schedule and all the amazing support we have received from our friends as we have been on this crazy journey.

This year my Tuesday group did some great studies, and during one of them (I think Radical, but it might have been Crazy Love), we decided that we would all go through our excessive amounts of stuff and have a big garage sale and donate our money to the poor. A few weeks before I left for Congo, they surprised me by announcing that they had been scheming without my knowledge and that really the garage sale that we had all been planning for some "good cause" was going to benefit our adoption. I was so surprised, and we are really excited about it. On top of that, a few of the kids are getting involved and selling their artwork at the sale(oragami and paintings made on demand, I believe), which I think is just about the sweetest thing ever. So, if you are in our area (this is IL not CA) and want some previously loved items that will support a great cause, let me know and I'll send you the address (also, I'll post it on FB). I am trying to put together some cute signs for the sale to let people know a little about Congo, orphans, and Nicolas. I'm a bit challenged in the "making cute signs" area, so I'm recruiting Jeff. However, for those of you who are far away, here are a few of the pictures I am contemplating using:

As you can see from the photos above, we are somehow surrounded by friends who are also talented photographers...remember Tommy's adorable beach shoot? Our awesome Christmas photo? Well, Nicolas had his chance to pose for yet another one of our friends, and while he did not fully cooperate (this was the day after the vaccinations, so he was in a funk), she still got some sweet shots. I really wanted pictures of the two boys together, but Tommy was having none of it because he wanted to play cars and baseball with her kids more than he wanted to sit around and take photos. You will be seeing more from from this shoot soon, because this friend has created some beautiful adoption-themed pieces that I can't wait to share....as soon as she's finished.


mary said...

Those must be from Julie :) They are cute and I can't wait to see more!!!
We will be praying for the sale.

Jess said...

Look at that lower lip on Nic! Oh my word I just want to squeeze him!

Laura Gifford said...

All are so cute! I love the one of you and Nicolas... there's something about the back of a baby's little neck that gets me every time.

Heather said...

VERY, VERY cute! You sure had to dig deep for those old pictures of Tommy, they made me realize how differently I tend to do pictures now. It was sweet of you to mention me :-)