Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crazy Times

Although we have been going out and doing things for the past few weeks, overall we've had a fairly free schedule. It's been nice. We've had time to nest, recover from our trip, get the apartment into a semblance of order, and ease back into our activities.

Then, this week, our lives got suddenly hectic. I'm not sure if it was the rescheduling of the big garage sale (due to rain predicted last weekend), Jeff inviting a friend from work to dinner, or (and this is really it) me forgetting about and then remembering that the first post-placement visit from our social worker is tomorrow.

Now, our social worker is great. She is supportive of us, and, while she is of course doing her job to make sure that we are taking care of our children, she is in no way out to get us or hostile or scary. That said, every time, without fail, it completely stresses me out when she comes to visit. I feel so inspected. I feel like I have to dust behind my dresser, even though I know that she will not be checking for dust. You can imagine what I have been up to in my "free" (hah!) time these days, and yes it involves reorganizing areas of the house that she would never get near, because she really does not care how my shoes are stacked in the closet. I am paranoid. I know I am paranoid, but way the system works in our state just really makes you feel like someone is out to get you. Thus, I scrub.

Tonight we took a little break from frantic cleaning to go to see an Ugandan children's choir. It was awesome. The kids were fantastic, just shining with joy. Listening to the music, watching the dancing, and listening to their accents made me miss Uganda so much. My heart was aching to go back. Tommy had a great time, and really started to rock out after he got comfortable. Nic seemed to like it too, although mostly he just hung out and looked cute (his M.O.). We met another adoptive family who is sort of close by, and even met a relative of one of our Ugandan friends! What a great and refreshing night. Now it's rather late and I have dishes from dinner to do. Our social worker called just as we were finishing our meal and heading out and let us know she would be coming by a bit earlier than seven hours. Yikes!

After our visit we will be heading out to set up for the big garage sale, which has expanded to two days...Friday and Saturday. It will be a lot of work, but it should also be a lot of fun! Now, I just have to finish making those signs...

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