Thursday, 19 May 2011

Do I Look Like A Stage Mom?

Actually, I mean the mom of a baby model...but I don't know what the term is for that, so we are going with stage mom. Yes, our baby is beautiful, and soon he will use his incredible long eyelashes to be a PAGEANT QUEEN. Just kidding. Since I don't know how to apply make-up on myself (much less spray tan on a baby), we will probably stay off the pageant circuit. Also, I am pretty sure that pageants are for girls, and Nicolas is most assuredly not a girl, even if most strangers seem to think so.

All of this nonsense was inspired by the fact that he did have his first modeling job...yes, his adorable hands and feet are gracing the artwork of the talented Julie Chen.

For those of you who don't know her, Julie is an amazing friend, mom, and artist who designs for Demdaco and Tyndale and also has an Etsy shop called Life Verse Design. She has had an adoption themed piece in her store for a while now, but, it was a little vanilla. I don't mean vanilla as in plain or boring, I mean vanilla as in all-white. I offered her a little hand with some color, and she added two pieces with verses and one with a poem to her "adoption line." One thing I love about her store is that there are so many options for printing her designs out- you can get them in a range of sizes and print them as photos for matting and framing however you want or have them done on canvas (I've seen some of her other pieces printed on canvas and they look fantastic). Most of her art has a vintage feel, but she has a few things in her modern line if old-fashioned is not your thing. She has non-adoption options, including ones that you can personalize. The shop also features jewelry and stationary, and I heard she also has calendars with handy pockets.

Julie has very generously made us an offer to help with our adoption funding- if you check out her art and decide you would like some- adoption themed or otherwise- and put "Amy's adoption" in the "notes to seller" at check out she will donate 10% of the sale to our adoption fund! This runs through the end of June, so don't dawdle. You know you want some illustrated scripture for your walls! (Click the button on the sidebar to get to her store...and don't forget to write in the note).


Chasity said...

Oh wow! These are beautiful! Will definitely check it out!

Emily said...

a) neither of your children need "spray tan" so I'm pretty sure pageantry is still an option

b) what if I just want a print of the picture but without the poems and stuff?

Heather said...

I love those!

Sweet Apron said...

I saw those last night on etsy & recognized that cute little hand. Hey, they do allow boys on Toddlers & Tiaras! You could win!!