Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fun With My Boys, or Warm Weather, Over-stimulation, and a Clean House

The boys have been keeping me on my toes! Thus far I've found the transition from one child to two to be much easier than from no children in the home to one, but it certainly is more work. It hasn't helped that the boys' naps have not been coinciding for more than a few minutes, leaving me precious little time to do the dishes, clear up clutter, call the doctor, work on our tax review, or breathe.

Today one of the nurses called with some nice news- our HMO has decided to approve the tests that Nicolas needs at the location that our hematologist specified. That might not seem like a big deal, but our HMO works out of one hospital and our hematologist out of another, so there was some doubt as to whether the tests would be performed where/how the hematologist wanted them done. We are so so thankful that our prayers were answered so positively, and so quickly. Now all we have to do is wait until the middle of July for those tests...

We have finally, finally had some nice weather these last few days. I love seeing the sunshine and spending time outside. Yesterday we got out the little pool for the first time. I spent ages blowing it up, and then Tommy spent all of two minutes in it, and a few hours dumping toys/sticks/grass into the water. Nicolas hated it (not surprising since the kid doesn't even like baths), and thus spent his time sunbathing instead of "swimming." I also realized, a little late, that our nice little pool has a not so nice or little gash in the bottom.

Yesterday was actually quite a productive day, as we went to the post office to mail that tax review (whew!), went to Home Depot to get plants for the garden, and -biggest mistake ever- went to Toys R Us to get Tommy a soccer ball for his birthday, and to find a replacement pool. I tend to avoid toy stores, as I figure that they simply increase Tommy's list of "needs" that are really wants, and my theory played itself aisle after aisle. It went something like this:

Wow, Lighting McQueen!
Mom- what's that- I like that (super soaker)
Look Mom, SWORDS! (Cue five minutes of imaginary sword play in the aisle while I looked at new little pools).
Look, it's Lighting McQueen. On a chair!
Mom- I want this! (Holding, I kid you not, a singing Justin Bieber doll).

Finally we found the balls and he picked out a foam one, because apparently he has more sense than I do. I planned to get him a real one. The ball almost distracted him enough to get us out of the store, but not before he spied the one thing he decided he really really wanted- a bike. I think they make them really small these days. I don't remember ever having a bike as small as the one Tommy hopped on, because it was, of course, strategically placed on the floor at the end of the aisle. Thankfully he is three and thus has an attention span of about one minute, and the soccer ball lured him out of the store before he could climb into one of the Cars-themed ride along toys. Needless to say it will be such a long time before I take Tommy to Toys R Us again.

Today we went all of nowhere, because we have been "Spring" cleaning, but for us that is less like a once a year deep cleaning and more like a once a year average cleaning. The boys' room looks great, Tommy has summer clothes and the mess of toys is about as organized as it can ever be. Our living room is also in nice shape, barring a few boxes of adoption paperwork, and all I have left to tackle are one cabinet in the kitchen, two closets, and all the junk that I threw in our bedroom to make the living room look nice. One advantage of living in tight quarters is having very little to vacuum. Next up I plan to tackle a huge stack of crafty type things that I have been meaning to make or fix for some time now.

And, because my mom has been asking, here are some pictures of the boys' room:

And a few more shots of the boys:


Sarah said...

I don't think there can ever be too many pictures of those sweet boys!

mary said...

The boys room turned our nicely. I agree with Sarah that there can never be too many pics :).
Thanks for the photos.