Sunday, 29 May 2011

Garage Sale Fun

This weekend was the big garage sale- it turned out great despite some icky weather on Saturday, and we made enough to cover our three post-placement visits! After we moved it from the previous weekend we also expanded it to Friday/Saturday, which turned out to be much better because Friday we sold quite a bit and had many customers and Saturday was much slower. It was work, but it was also a lot of fun because I got to hang out with my Tuesday bible study friends for two days straight, and our children had the chance to play together too. Tommy had a blast playing with all the big kids.

The garage sale had one other big perk: new stuff! Even though we intended to use the garage sale to get rid of stuff, I think we all managed to swap some things too. Sadly, Susan walked away with the true old wig...but not before Nic took some hilarious pictures wearing it. As soon as I get copies I promise they will be posted. I scored an adorable Halloween costume for Nicolas, then at the end of the sale I grabbed a few more, not for him to wear at Halloween, just for him to wear for my amusement. It is probably a little evil of me to dress my little boy as a kitty cat just for fun (and pictures), but from experience I know that I have a very limited time to dress him up...soon he will be protesting my wardrobe choices and insisting on wearing a Thomas the Train shirt EVERY day...sigh. We also found a cute suit for Nicolas to wear to a wedding we are attending Sunday, which was a huge relief because he has already outgrown his portrait suit!

Here are the pictures of Nicolas' various outfits. I wish I could post some pictures of Tommy as well, but he has not been cooperating with the camera as much these days.

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Sweet Apron said...

He will LOVE these pictures when his girlfriends come to the house to visit someday. You can serve her some tea in a demitasse cup and sit down to look at the piles of darling Nic photos.
If you need to borrow the wig for a James Brown Halloween costume, its yours.