Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had a very happy 4th. We celebrated with red, white and blueberry pancakes, a family cookout, a rousing game of trivial pursuit (1981 version), and fireworks at the beach. The cookout was great fun- one of my cousins brought her kids and the boys had a wonderful time playing together. Tommy is basically in awe of her oldest, and they have very similar "all boy" personalities so they wrestled and ran the entire afternoon and yet still had energy to spare. Next came a contentious game of trivial pursuit, which ended very well since my team won. After dinner we all bundled up (CA style, which means put on sweatshirts for my IL friends) and drove to the beach. It was really fun to observe the boys as they watched fireworks. Tommy chattered nonstop through both shows (we had one on each side of us), while Nic oohed and awed quietly and then furiously signed "more" all the way home. The great thing about fireworks on the beach is that they are close enough to see, but far enough away that they are pretty quiet and thus not scary to little children.

Here are some pictures of our day. I am subjecting you to some pictures of the decorative foods I made, because I am so proud that they turned out nicely. I'm a decent cook, but I waste very little time on embellishments so my food is usually not picture worthy. However, yesterday I rolled my blue-cheese ball in bacon and it looked awesome, and I scooped out a watermelon to use as the fruit bowl and that took a stinking long time so I had to take a photo to preserve my efforts for all time...and prove to Jeff that I did it!

The cheese ball:

The fruit bowl:


Trivial Pursuit:

Putting Mom to work:

Her signature dish:

Chowing down:

Sleeping through the party:

Hugs from Auntie Colleen:

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Robin said...

I'm so glad we got to join the family for the evening. Loved your fruit salad! Also Mary's signature dish. I didn't know that was bacon pressed around your cheese ball... I should have tried it!
Aunt Robin