Friday, 29 June 2012

Swim Lessons

(I wrote this at the beginning of last week, so this is the "before" post...thankfully things got better)

I'm generally not into forcing my children into extra-curricular activities, but I am a firm believer that swimming is an indispensable life skill. Thus all of my children will be required to take swim lessons until they are very strong swimmers. I don't care if they don't enjoy it - it's necessary.

Tommy is a fan of recreational water play, but not a fan of swim lessons. According to him (parents are only allowed to observe from a distance), he spent the entirety of his first lesson asking for me and crying. The masses of snot and rivers of tears streaming down his face when he exited the pool suggest that he was indeed unhappy. Poor kid - he hated it. But he still had to go back the next day.

I spent the rest of the first day talking up swim lessons, and on day two he went into the pool reluctantly, but he went in. Day three went a little bit better. He still doesn't want to go, but he is getting in the water and participating in the class activities. He has become a very enthusiastic kicker, although he likes to do his kicking with as much of his torso on the pool deck as possible.

Nic is still too young for lessons, so of course he is dying to go in the pool and participate. Hopefully his enthusiasm will last!

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