Monday, 11 June 2012

Wilderness Park

We made it out to Wilderness Park this week. It was the first time the boys had ever been, and neither Mom nor I had gone in years, so we were not sure what to expect.

I was a bit disappointed that the old crawdad pond at the entrance is now cemented in and home to Koi (and for some weird reason Koi disgust me). The pond is clean and looks really nice, but I prefer the murky gross pond of my childhood. Clean ponds have boring rules like "no fishing" and "no throwing object in the pond." What good is a pond in a park if you can't throw anything into it? Nic agrees with me, by the way, and spent all of our time there trying to put leaves in the water which was not fun for the grown-ups.

Thankfully the park still has one nasty pond. It is full of tadpoles, fish, turtles, and ducks. When we were there it was also hosting a blue heron - and Tommy got to watch him eat a fish. Super cool. They also got to feed the turtles and Nic attempted to wade with them - in the most brackish, smelly part of the pond. He stunk, and then he rubbed his stink all over me. It's so sweet when he shares...

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Heather said...

We drove by there Wednesday; it's on our to-do list for next time!