Monday, 30 July 2012


The doctor called today with the results from Mom's latest CT scan. The tumor did not shrink this time. We were pretty discouraged by this news.

On the bright side, the tumor also did not grow. In fact, Mom's doctor is perfectly happy with the results, because his goal is tumor stability, and that was achieved.

Mom and Dad meet with the doctor on Thursday to discuss the results and the continuation of Mom's treatment. Because the tumor was stable she can stay in the trial that she is currently in (if she gets worse she has to leave the trial), so that is good news.

Please pray for all of our spirits. Even though we know that Mom's type of tumor rarely shrinks during chemo, it did before so we were really hoping it would again, especially after how good Mom's blood work has been lately. Pray for wisdom for my parents as they meet with the doctor and discuss Mom's progress. And, of course, pray that Mom's cancer would be contained and that her tumor would shrink through this next round of chemo.

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