Thursday, 19 July 2012

Update on Mary: Good Numbers

Mom got her last chemo of this round today!

Her white count was fantastic - 4600! Also her CA-19 marker was down again to 218 (for perspective, this is down from 1400 when this began, but a healthy person has a CA-19 of less than 35) . Anyhow, we will take any good news we can get. She has another CT scan at the end of next week. It usually takes a few business days to read the scan, so we should have some news by the very end of July or beginning of August. We are praying that the cancer would be contained and that the tumor will have shrunk more.

The chemo regime that mom is on is very hard on veins. Because mom has had a blood clot in the past (during pregnancy), she is at a high risk for having issues with clotting while on these drugs. Please pray that she will not have these problems and that her veins would stay strong and healthy.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We are so thankful for all the good time we have had with mom in the past few months. The boys and I are back in IL and missing her, but glad to be with Jeff and back to our "normal" life. Even though I am far, I will continue to post updates, I just need to get someone else to send me some pictures. :-)

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