Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It's About Time...

Mom and I have been working hard to get some things done around the house that Mom has put off for some time now.

Take the project we recently completed. Three years ago I saw a picture display while visiting a relative's home. I liked it so much I told my mom about it. A bit later she purchased a bunch of frames for the project, and we decided to pick out pictures and create our own display. We originally wanted to do a mix of old and new pictures, but the task was way too daunting, so instead we printed out a bunch of pictures that we took this year. We printed out about ten more photos than we needed so that we could play around with the positioning of the photos and make sure that we balanced out the different colors and poses. Mom and my Aunt Sandy scrubbed up all the frames, and then we painstakingly measured and hung, and remeasured and re-hung all the photos.

After three long years, we have finally finished!

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