Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hanging by the Pool

We had a girls plus Kenny weekend in Palm Springs...and it was glorious. I got so much sleep. I forgot how much I love sleeping. It is the best. I also got to read. I adore reading. I never get to read anymore. So sleeping and reading and doing it all in the sunshine- that is my new definition of happiness.

I know it sounds strange that I got to do all that with my baby by my side, but my current sleep troubles are not brought about by Kenny. He is sleeping really well now; he either wakes me up around 4:30 or around 6, and then after eating will go back to sleep for as long as he can. The real sleep disruptors are Tommy and Nic. They wake up rather early and want various things- snuggles, clean pajamas, water, breakfast, and it goes on and on. While they ask for these things they are sometimes rather noisy, and this wakes up Kenny, who then wants to eat and needs to be changed and then we all have to go downstairs for breakfast and Wimbledon (thanks Dad).

Also, on this lovely girls weekend I had tons of help with Kenny. My Aunt Annie is the baby whisperer. She and my cousin Molly spent a long time watching Kenny so I could float in the pool with a magazine. Bliss.

We also painted our nails, watched movies and TLC, and ate yummy dinners and tons of chocolaty snacks. It was like a long slumber party.

Unfortunately we lost the camera after a few hours (but thankfully found it again), so my picture selection is rather limited.

The cutest boy at the pool:

Soaking up the sun:

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