Friday, 27 July 2012

Update on Mary: CT Day

Mom has her CT today. In order to have the scan she has to drink Barium, and it makes her feel pretty crummy. Please pray that she can get it out of her system quickly, that the scan will go smoothly, and that the results will be good.
It takes at least two business days for them to read the scan, so the earliest we will hear anything is Tuesday afternoon, but it could be as late as Thursday when they call. Please keep us all in your prayers. These waits are nerve-wracking and the anticipation makes us all a little jumpy. Pray for peace and good sleep for Mom and Dad especially, although I know the rest of the family could use it too.
Thank you all for your continued support in this journey, it means the world to us. We are so grateful to have you praying with us.


Tom said...

Thanks Amy

Tom said...

Thanks Amy, we are truly grateful for all the prayers and encouragement we have received. mom