Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Getty, or a Nic at the Museum

One great thing about being home is having an extra set of hands...or two extra sets of hands. This makes it much easier to get the boys out to do fun things, like going to museums. The Getty had an exhibit that I wanted to see, so Mom (Jjaja), Gigi (great-grandma), and I took the boys. It was Nic's first trip to the Getty, or any museum, and as usual he was on his best behavior. Tommy, you may recall, had a few "incidents" last time we were at the Getty, so I made sure to have a little talk with him about how the Getty is different than the arboretum, and this time he steered clear of the fountains. It probably helped that he had more one on one attention this time, and because of this it was very easy to engage him with the exhibits. He was particularly fond of the illuminated manuscripts and of some of the northern European decorative art. More than anything he like the cafeteria and hot dogs. He was far less interested in the main exhibit on life in Paris, and took a nice long nap while we were on the tour. It was beautifully done, go if you have the chance.

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