Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Camp Snoopy

Tommy loves Peanuts. He and Jeff enjoy reading the old books together, and watching the holiday specials. Knowing how much Tommy likes Charlie Brown and Snoopy, my dad decided that we should make a trip to Knott's Berry Farm to visit Camp Snoopy.

He and Tommy "prepared" for days by studying pictures of the rides on Knott's website and talking about all the rides they wanted to go on. Tommy was so amped about the trip.

Unfortunately the first few minutes in the park did not go well at all. We had a small incident the night before, and because of it Tommy had trouble getting to sleep. Thus we started the day with a tired boy (we couldn't reschedule the trip because Dad couldn't get other days off), and the combination of sleepiness/overexcitement meant that Tommy refused to ride one of the rides he had most been looking forward to- the Red Baron airplanes. We hadn't realized that you have to be rather short to ride in them and when Tommy found out that he would have to ride alone and not with Papa, he decided he didn't want to ride at all. Thankfully Peppermint Patty happened to stroll by and distracted him, and we attended a character show that perked him right up.

Family members who are reading and lamenting the fact that Tommy wastes time at amusement parks watching shows, trust me, a little bit of me dies every time.

After Tommy warmed up he wanted to ride every other ride in Camp Snoopy, and he had a great time. His favorite was a little car ride called the Speedway. He ended up riding that at least ten times over the course of the day, with all of us as his companion. His other big favorite was the truck ride and the tugboat. We tried the log ride, and, as Tommy has repeatedly said since then, he DID NOT like the log ride. Why? Because Tommy only likes getting wet on his terms. Tommy's terms are that the water be very warm. The log ride water was not warm in the least.

We ended up staying at Knott's from just after ten in the morning to ten at night. Tommy did not nap the entire time despite our best efforts, but Nicolas napped well throughout the day, both in the stroller and in the carrier. Both of them were still going strong when the park closed. Tommy actually closed out the Speedway, managing to sneak in on the very last run before they shut it off. At that point he was more than exhausted, conking out on the way to the parking lot in Papa's arms. It was a long day but we had a great time!

The Tugboat

The Speedway with Mum

The Speedway with Papa

The Speedway with Jjaja

Dad and I went on a crazy huge water ride

The big hit of the day - Snoopy on ice

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Sweet Apron said...

Charlie loved seeing Tommy in all the pics. And I swear Nic has grown since I saw him last!!