Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Father's Day

Alas, Father's Day was spent apart from Jeff - the boys and I are still in California, while Jeff has returned home to Illinois. Someone has to bring home the bacon. We missed pampering Jeff, but never fear, his time will come. The boys and I have big plans to spoil him for a day when we get back. It was fun to see my dad on Father's Day, and to introduce the boys to my family's rituals. It's been quite a few years since I've been home for it, so I enjoyed being able to participate, even if the sibling count was very sadly low.

In my family we get donuts on three types of occasions:

1. Mother's Day
2. Father's Day
3. When at friend's houses

We never got donuts any other time when we were little, although I'm sure my youngest sibling (Kevin) got them on occasion. In keeping with tradition, we got Dad his favorite donuts and prepared a little tray for breakfast in bed. Over the years breakfast in bed for Dad has somehow evolved into breakfast in bed for everyone...not in our own beds, but in my parent's bed. That works great with teenagers, but not as well with a ten month old. Nicolas did not get a donut, of course, but he did get some bread so he would think he was getting a donut, and within two minutes my parent's bed was covered in crumbs. It felt like someone dumped a bucket of sand in their bed. Happy Father's Day!

Here's the gang:

We went to church together and then came home for sandwiches and naps, then went to my Aunt Annie's and Uncle Kenny's for a Father's Day/Uncle Kenny's birthday celebration.

Nicolas with my Grandpa Kay

Tommy and Micah

Dad, Nic, and Me

Two Hotwheels Lovers - Uncle Kenny and Tommy

Molly and Nic

All the fathers!

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