Thursday, 9 June 2011


I wanted to share a few pictures from my shower on Saturday. It was very lovely. We had cake, fruit, and punch, my friend Susan did a devotion on impressing God's word on your children's hearts, and I got to share about my experience in Congo. Oh yea, there were some cute cards and presents too!

The cake: (yes, his name is spelled wrong. That's what we get for using a non-standardized spelling...I'm sure this is only the first of many added H's in Nic's life)

The treats:

The women:

The flowers:

I got to take home the leftover fruit, and while I really thought we would be able to eat it all fast enough, I soon realized that the berries needed to become jam. Thus on Monday I canned 12 jars of jam: seven strawberry, and five blackberry-strawberry. I did that in-between loads of laundry, working on the garden, and packing our suitcases. I may have been more than a little crazed.

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Sweet Apron said...

It was fun! You are such a blessing to our church family. Love the Boba carrier!!!