Thursday, 16 June 2011

Catching Up

I'm so behind in my blogging, more than a week at this anyone who has read the last few posts and is able to count can tell (and yes, this has been pointed out to me). Here's a quick run-down of what we've been up to, which will explain my inability to find a few minutes to sit down at the computer this last week.

Last Tuesday the boys and I woke up bright and early and hopped on a plane to California. The trip went so much better than I thought it would, in part because we accidentally overslept and were about a half hour later than planned arriving at the airport. The lines at the ticket counter and security were very long, which meant that we walked up to the gate right as they called for family boarding. (Unintentional) Fantastic timing! On the way in I asked the agent at the gate for a tag to check Nic's car seat, and he responded that he had ONE extra seat- did I want it for Nicolas? Yes, please! The plane was totally full, so it was very nice to have a full row to ourselves. Nic slept during the first part of the flight, the boys were both up for about an hour, and then Tommy napped for the rest of the flight. The only problem this caused was when Tommy had to wake up to readjust things for landing, and decided that he no longer wanted to stay in his seat belt. We had quite a tussle over that one. I won, but those around us definitely knew Tommy was unhappy. Still, more than one person commented on how well the boys did during the flight, which was very nice.

We spent the next two days running around visiting relatives and preparing for graduation.

Jeff arrived late Wednesday night, Thursday was our first ceremony- my hooding- and it took forever and ever and was very boring. A tangent: my cell phone was last cutting edge in 2001 or is not a smart phone. I rarely feel like I would want a better phone, but as I sat for two hours and every single person around me was texting, tweeting, and surfing the web, I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, and I was a bit jealous. On a side note, yes, their behavior was completely rude, but since they were tweeting/texting/surfing during my hooding I would not feel as bad as one should doing it during their hooding. However, because we are so old-fashioned, I politely listened to 350 or so names being read off. I'm glad I attended because now I'll never worry that I missed out on something, but, I sort of wish I had that two hours of my life back, especially since the "professional" pictures they took were over-exposed so there will never even be any proof that I was there!

Friday Kevin had his big graduation ceremony, but UCLA only gives out two tickets for that, so my Dad and Kev's wife attended while the rest of us stayed home and recovered from our extremely late night on Thursday. We had my Aunt and Cousin over for a big cookie baking party in preparation for Sunday's party. Late Friday night Uncle Jeremy arrived, so we spent Saturday hanging out as a whole family for the first time since Kev's wedding in September. Sunday we went back up to UCLA bright and early for Kevin's ceremony. It was also long, but it was in a large outdoor stadium and we had the world's tastiest donuts and Coffee Bean to make things better. In case you wondered, my donut was filled with peanut butter and covered in chocolate. Yum.

Sunday afternoon was the big party, and it was so much fun to see people...and we have basically been recovering ever since. This trip has been shaping up to be more business than pleasure, and it has become clear that I should have planned it a little differently because I am not going to have time to do a number of things I really want to do, but such is life with two boys. Also, we had to say good-bye to Jeff, which was not fun at all, but I guess someone has to work to pay the bills.

Here are some pics of our trip thus far, grad pictures will be a separate (coming soon, I promise for those who have been complaining/nagging me about the lack of posts recently):

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Sweet Apron said...

I never once nagged you but am glad to see that you are having fun in CA with all your boys.