Thursday, 1 April 2010

April 1

The weather is gorgeous right now- high 70s, sunny, and all around amazing. My tulips are coming up. My home is sort of organized. I have most of my stack of paperwork under control. I have an amazing husband and the cutest boy in the world. But, today, I am sad. April 1 is one of those Leah days, and wow, I miss her.

Nothing changes that.

The pain has dulled. It isn't fresh or cutting, but it aches. On days like today, it aches more.


Jim and April said...

praying for you today my bloggy friend! I dont know exactly what your feeling since I never had to bury my four but I still have many moments such as my first child we lost who would have turned 4 on April 7

Chelsea Lee said...

for me too amy. i think about leah on april 1st and even though its nothing close to what you and jeff feel, i want you to know her little life touched a lot of people, me included. april 1st will always be a leah day for me. i love you lots and lots!