Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Little Cuteness

I noticed the blog has been devoid of Tommy cuteness lately, so here he is in all his glory:

And some silly things he has been up to lately:

Sitting on his little potty while fully clothed and making a "ssssssss" sound.

Tooting, and then saying "Daddy Toot!" whether or not Daddy is actually present.

Waving and saying "bye bye train" every time he hears a train go by. And sometimes when he doesn't.

Asking for mustard and ketchup on the strangest things. Today, he wanted it on top of his peanut-buttered pancakes (he did not get his way- I have limits). He also enjoys both condiments stirred into plain yogurt, although he preference is to eat them on their own with a spoon. He sometimes asks for them at every meal.

Saying "No (insert activity)" while performing said activity. This happens often, because he has quite a fondness for attempting to do things he shouldn't. For example, he knows he should not touch strangers while we are waiting in line at stores. However, he finds the decorative pockets on women's jeans very intriguing. Thus the other day he stretched out his little finger towards someone's jean pocket, while saying "no bum."


mary said...

More like " A Lot of Cuteness"
I love the picture of him with his trike.

Jim and April said...

yes, your right...very cute indeed!

sara said...

He is just too precious! I love what he says and does with the pockets..reading that made me laugh :)

Cheryl said...

he is so beautiful....*sigh*. Love the "no bum"