Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Go Cubbies!

First things first: we are Dodger's fans. LA will be number one in Tommy's heart. However, since we live near Chicago going to Dodgers games just isn't an option. So, instead we ventured out to Wrigley for a very cold baseball game. It may have been poorly timed for an afternoon napper, and we may have completely underestimated the wind-chill at Wrigley, which led to a bit of misery. But, once we all had hot chocolate and Tommy was buttoned up in my coat (with me), and my Dad sang him about 52 songs so he would sleep, everything worked out just fine. Except the other team won.

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mary said...

Way underestimated the wind chill factor. I can still hear Tommy saying "Go, Go Cubbies". Miss you all,