Friday, 28 June 2013

Trip To Wisconsin

Once a year we head up to Wisconsin to visit Leah's grave. We went a little early this year because we had to be in California for most of June for Jeff's brother's wedding and my Grandma's memorial service and burial.

Our trip was short, but the time was sweet.

As usual we celebrated her birthday with cupcakes, sat in our family section and talked, then let the boys stretch their legs a bit. In case you wondered, the monument Tommy is climbing belongs to us and is the marker for our family section, it is not the marker for any particular person (we have very strict rules about them stepping or climbing on headstones, obviously).

We don't visit Leah's grave often, but I enjoy the ritual of visiting yearly. It is good for all of us to have the period of time set aside to remember her and to reflect upon what God has done as He has built our family.

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