Sunday, 7 July 2013

Handy Man

Jeff finished his first project at our new house, and I am so proud I decided to post some pictures.

We purchased a house that didn't need a great deal of immediate work, because quite frankly we don't have the time, emotional energy, or extra cash to undergo any major construction right now. But even though we bought a "move-in ready" home, there are still lots of projects on Jeff's summer agenda (and of course regular maintenence). He took a break from incessant lawn-mowing and his big projects to fix up one of our bedroom fans.

When we moved in it looked like this (not our furniture- this is how the old owners had it).

Unattractive, but still working well. We thought about replacing the fan entirely, but came up with a cheaper solution. Jeff disassembled the whole fan and spray painted it a semi-flat black. Now it looks awesome!

As a side note, we didn't paint the room, the paint color just looks different with the flash. The room color looks like the first photo, and we have very little in it right now- just a crib and changing table that we will probably be moving soon. I'll get more house pictures posted as we get things finished and set up!

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Heather said...

Looks great so far! I am so happy that you guys have a new home and can't wait to see more :-)