Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Emily's bridesmaids threw her a shower this weekend. Katie and I, as Matrons of Honor, were in charge of putting it together. We were not exactly fantastic about delegating, and because of Grandma's services we happened to be very busy in the days leading up to the shower, so we ended up doing the majority of the work in a 48 hour period. It was intense, but it the results were great and it was entirely worth the lack of sleep and hand cramps from all the tissue-paper cutting. If it weren't for Colleen and Caitlin helping with the food we would have been sunk!

Everything turned out wonderfully, so it was all worth it.

I was really happy with how well the favors turned out- they are tissue-paper dahlia's filled with Hershey's kisses (the instructions can be found at

Emily was a beautiful bride-to-be and it was so fun to meet/see all of her sweet friends and to watch her get "showered" with love and (of course) presents.

We did a brunch. We served quiche, Klug sausage casserole, apple cream-cheese coffee cake, and fruit. Since it was a shower, we had to have a cake- Red Velvet- from Em's favorite recipe.

We played games and had prizes. My favorite is always making toilet paper dresses.

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful bride!


Heather said...

That's so fun! And yes, TP dresses are the best.

GraceofAdoption said...

Pretty favors!