Tuesday, 2 April 2013


In a "mothering fail" moment, I forgot to bring the camera to Easter, so the only pictures I got of the actual day's festivities are on my Aunt's iPad. There are probably some pretty funny ones, at least of Nic, because he apparently has a fear of dyed eggs, and spent the entire egg hunt finding eggs and standing by them while trying to get someone else to actually pick them up and place them in his basket. Thankfully for him, Tommy is rather easy to convince, so he picked up all the eggs for both of them.

Dying the eggs posed no problems, as you can see in the pictures below, except that Tommy and Nic splash them into the colors with such vigor that probably about half the eggs were crunched up in the process. Despite the fate of our eggs, we had a very fun time coloring the eggs and hanging out together. We were so grateful to have another Easter with Mom, and to spend the day with our family!

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