Monday, 15 April 2013

Update on Mary: CT and Chemo

This week mom returns to her cancer routine. She has a CT this afternoon, an appointment on Thursday with her oncologist, and she begins her next round of chemo on Thursday as well. The CT today is to detect whether or not her cancer has spread outside of the original tumor during this time off chemo. They will not get the results until the appointment on Thursday, and I will post as soon as we know.The CT will not tell us anything about the efficacy of the radiation on the tumor, because it takes a while for the radiation to complete it's work. Please pray for a good result (that the cancer is contained to the tumor). If the cancer has spread that would be very discouraging.

Also, please pray that chemo wouldn't be too hard on Mom. Often the first treatment of any round is the hardest, and since she has been off of chemo for two months she is anticipating a greater reaction to the chemicals than usual. Please pray that any side effects would be minimal and that Mom would be able to sleep well and keep food down.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We are so grateful for your continued care for Mom and our family. I know we say it often, but it means the world to us and it is making a difference.

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