Thursday, 18 April 2013

Update on Mary: Hard News

The cancer has spread. It hasn't spread much, but it is outside of the original tumor. There are a few small spots in Mom's abdominal wall. This was not the news that we were hoping for. Mom's cancer count has gone up again, to just under 300. We are very discouraged, but knew that with two months off of chemo this was a possibility.

Mom is continuing to fight. She started up her chemo again this week. In another three months they will do another CT, and if the nodules are not responding to this chemo they will introduce something a little stronger.

Her chemo went well this afternoon. Please pray that the side effects are mild and that she can adjust to it quickly.

Please pray that the chemo will take this new cancer out. Pray that it will be effective in preventing the further spread of cancer and that Mom's oncologists would make wise treatment choices for her moving forward.

Please pray for Mom's spirits. This news hits her the hardest of all. Pray that she will find hope and encouragement in the midst of this difficult setback.

Thank you all for your continued prayer. It matters so much.

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