Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Special Day

This week we managed to make it out of the house one day, and we used that day to take a very special trip to the Huntington Library. It was the boy's first trip there, and it was so fun to take them to a place that my parents and grandma had taken me, and that I have such fond memories of. We had a picnic, went through the gardens, listened to music, saw an exhibit on WPA art, one on botanical drawings, and one on the families that owned the land the Huntington sits on prior to the Huntington's purchase of it. We also ran into the European art galleries so that Tommy could see Blue Boy and Pinkie, which was the highlight of his day. Nic's favorite thing was playing in the fountain at the children's garden. It's hard to know what Kenny enjoyed the most, but probably getting to ride in the stroller...usually he gets stuck in the pouch.

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