Monday, 11 March 2013

Update on Mary: Radiation Time!

If all goes according to schedule Mom will begin her first of five radiation treatments on Wednesday. She is getting the type of radiation we had hoped for! She still is battling a tiny fever, but the radiologist is not concerned about it and everything is set for her to start.

Please pray that her body will fight off the last remnants of infection, and that her radiation treatments will be effective. Pray that those little cancer cells will get blasted into oblivion. Pray that her stomach and all her other organs will be protected and undamaged. Also, please pray for mom's endurance through the course of the treatment. She is heading into it not feeling her best because of this lingering infection.

We know that she is going to be very wiped out from the treatments, but are so thankful that they are an option. Thank you all for your prayers. We are so grateful for them and for you!

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