Friday, 14 September 2012

One Saturday Morning, or My Kids Are Their Own Nannycam

Last Saturday morning, Tommy and Nic kindly agreed to let us sleep a little bit more (after a fair amount of groggy pleading...). The first hint of why they were so content to entertain themselves came when Tommy woke me up to let me know that Nic had been playing with our video camera. After I finally got up, I uncovered a bit more of the story... thanks to some often creative surveillance photos courtesy of Tommy. Unfortunately, most of Nic's videos were 2-4 second close-ups of his finger and our coffee table. Here are a sample of the photos:

Part 1: The Evidence.

Dad should not have left a glass of water out

Now, how does this thing work?

Caught red-handed

Part 2: Tommy hones his photographic skills.

Nicolas no. 1

Nicolas van Gogh

Still life with book and sippy

Part 3: A portrait of the artist as a young man.

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Karen said...

What a crack up! The pictures are great on their own, but even funnier with the commentary. Thanks for sharing a good laugh.