Monday, 17 September 2012

Argonne Energy Showcase

On Saturday, Argonne held an "Energy Showcase" open house with lab tours and demonstrations and such. We decided to take the boys and a friend to show them a bit about what I do at work. Tommy's favorite demonstration was the guy who froze and crushed a flower using liquid nitrogen. Cool stuff.

Get excited for the materials science tent!

Tommy, this is an atomic force microscope

Captivated by solar hydrogen production

Getting to play in the electric vehicles was a big hit

Tommy really, really wanted to plug it in, but sadly this was just for display - and the real electric cars were not for touching...

Posing with "the symbol for Argonne"

Lunch afterward at Costco

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Katie Truelove said...

Aw so fun! I think Kenny should have been able to drive the electric car!!