Saturday, 8 September 2012

First Day of School!

On Friday Tommy had his first day of school. Sigh. He is growing up so fast. Anyway, when we got back from CA we found out that Tommy was placed in First Start through our school district. He goes to half a day of instruction at our local elementary school five days a week and gets to ride a real school bus and everything. He is beyond excited about it. I'm happy about it as well. Tommy is an extrovert and he craves extensive social interaction, and now he is getting it every single day. Also, since Tommy won't be home, Nic will get more one-on-one attention, and I think that will really benefit him as well. Tommy and I attended the first day together (this was required, I'm not some kind of crazy helicopter mom). I rode the bus with him to and from school, and showed him around the school area. He was fearless and participated so well in the story and song time. I was very proud of my big boy!


Heather said...

He's going to love it!

Laura Gifford said...

Love those smiles!