Monday, 23 April 2012

Update on Mary: Done With Her First Round!

Mom finished her first round of chemo on Friday, so now she gets a week off before she starts round two. She is very excited to have a break from the appointments and infusions.

We have been getting questions about the status of her tumor, etc, so I want to explain that we will not know anything until the end of round two. They do scans after the second round of chemo, and it isn't until then that we will find out if her tumor is shrinking, growing, or staying the same.

The standard chemo for pancreatic cancer is used to provide "clinical benefit," which means it is designed to make patients feel better. Only a small percentage of patients get tumor shrinkage from this chemo, but we are certainly hoping and praying that mom is part of that number.

Mom is feeling much better than she was before she started chemo, which is a huge praise! She is experiencing side effects that are unpleasant, but they have been minor compared to her symptoms prior to beginning chemo. She has also been able to take fewer pain pills, which means she is awake and clear-headed much more often than before. Additionally, she has been able to eat a wider variety of foods, and has even gained a few pounds. She finally has an anti-nausea medication that actually works, and this has been a great blessing. While she is still a shadow of her healthy self, her energy and stamina are improved as well. Thank you so much for all your prayers, they are clearly making a difference.

Continued prayer needs:

More weight least five more pounds would be great. The more the better, because chemo gets progressively harder and she will likely start losing weight again at some point.

She has been sore this round, not in the usual "tumor-pain" areas, so please pray that this pain diminishes.

Good sleep at night.

For us to figure out a good balance for her body in regards to one of her medications.


Nancy Weir said...

Amy, I forgot to tell you that I have Bob's light weight wheel chair if you can use is comfortable, has foot rests and it very light and easy to handle...let me know...Nancy

Kathryn said...

That's great news that she's feeling better! I've been praying for her. If you havrn't heard of this book, its full of lots of food insight, and worth the read!

Praying for more healing!