Sunday, 22 April 2012


So, on Tuesday while we were all driving to get ice cream, we heard a commercial on the radio for the SoCal Disneyland deal...and we decided that we should go. The plans were totally dependent on how well mom was feeling after her Thursday morning blood draw. We didn't tell the boys so that there wouldn't be any disappointment if we couldn't make it. Happily, mom came home from her appointment feeling good, so we got ready and drove to Anaheim. It was very different from a typical Disney trip for us. We didn't rush to get there, we arrived late and didn't stress out about it, we moved very slowly around the park, we didn't ride everything, and we left early. But it was a fun day. We probably looked funny, with me at 37 1/2 weeks pregnant pushing mom around in a wheelchair while Dad backpacked Nic in a carrier and pushed Tommy in a stroller (I had the easier job). As if our family doesn't attract enough attention in public places...we decided to throw in an advanced pregnancy and a wheelchair! At some point I should probably stop being shocked by how different my children's personalities are, but it really hit me yesterday when taking Nic to Disneyland was so different than it was taking Tommy. Tommy stinkin' loved Disneyland when he was Nic's age, but Nic was much more ambivalent. He liked the carousel, Dumbo, Casey Jr, Storybook land, Finding Nemo, Autopia, Astroblasters, the Tiki Room, Tarzan Treehouse, the train, and Small World (which he asked to ride again). Every other ride he spent clinging to someone (usually Dad) in sheer terror. Tommy loved everything, as usual. Pirates remains his number one favorite ride. He woke up singing the song the next morning.We are so thankful that we had such a fun day and the chance to make some fun memories with Jjaja and Papa!

Nic protesting against Winnie the Pooh

Tommy practicing his best pirate at breakfast


Heather said...

That sounds nice. Disneyland can be so overwhelming when you're pushing to do too much in 1 day.

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

SO glad you all got to go together. Such a great memory & fun time. :)
Thrilled that Mary was feeling up to it.