Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Festivities

Our Easter weekend was jam-packed. On Saturday we did our traditional egg-dying with my cousins. Together we dyed 42 eggs for the big hunt. Tommy dyed eggs with Jjaja last year, and he was really looking forward to doing it again this year. Last year they wrote names on every egg he dyed. Then he wanted to make eggs for all the members of our family, friends, etc. This year, he just wanted every single egg to say, "Tommy." There were many many Tommy eggs. Nicolas did not find egg dying interesting at all. That worked out fine because he also does not understand that throwing eggs into bowls of dye does not yield the best results.

On Easter we had a family breakfast, with Mom, Dad, Jeff, Tommy, Nicolas, Kevin, Colleen, Emily, and me. I made blueberry cream biscuits with blueberry sauce and whipped cream, raspberry-lemon coffeecake with cream cheese filling, and cinnamon-raisin swirl bread. I had everything done the night before so all I had to do was wake up, set the table and warm things up. We had a really nice breakfast together, followed by our Easter basket hunt. We all still hunt for baskets. Every year my dad hides them in our family room, using his most devious methods. The rules are that you can't tell anyone else if you find their basket and if you get really stuck (and it happens) that dad will play "hot and cold" with you, but he isn't going to just tell you where it is. This year we all found our baskets fairly quickly, but dad claims that last year (I wasn't present so I can't verify this statement) it took someone 40 minutes to find their basket because he hid them so well. After we opened baskets we went to church together, then came home so that some people could rest (Mom and the little boys) and the rest of us could cook, clean and set up for Easter dinner.

I am proud to say that I survived hosting 17 for Easter dinner. I will freely admit that I did very little actual cooking, mostly just shopping/heating and forcing other people to bring things. A dear friend also came and cleaned on Saturday and then again after our party, so don't feel too sorry for me. I am happy to report that everything tasted great and the house even looked nice. My goal was that mom would have a "real" family Easter, like she would have done, and we succeeded!


Sarah said...

I loved reading about your Easter morning; all your food sounds delicious and I can picture your dad taking great delight in hiding the baskets and not telling where they are. Thanks for posting, I enjoy reading your blog.

Sweet Apron said...

Happy Easter, Klug family! Tell Tommy his eggs are beautiful.

Edna and Don said...

I just read your post about Easter - what a beautiful day you all had. I just got back from Seattle where I spent Easter with my daughters. Apparently my bookmark for your blog didn't work on my ipad so I'm getting caught up on Mary. hugs and prayers for Mary and family.

Robin said...

I always suspected my younger brother was devious :-). Now we have hard evidence! What a fun tradition. Love, Uncle David