Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tommy's First Bike

When we last "talked Christmas" my Aunt Annie mentioned to me that my Uncle Kenny was working on a "special present" for Tommy. Now, Tommy and Uncle Kenny share a deep love of Hot Wheels, thus I assumed it was some type of Hot Wheels themed present and didn't think about it again. Come Christmas day, I found out that Uncle Kenny, who is also an avid and accomplished bicyclist, BUILT Tommy a bike. I had no idea. Tommy (obviously) had no idea. It was a great surprise.

Check out the bike. It is so darn cool. Tommy was enraptured by the flames, or as he said, "There's FIRE on my bike!"

At the end of the day I asked Tommy what his favorite part of Christmas was, and he responded, "I got a bicycle!"

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Sweet Apron said...

The smile says it all!!! What a fantastic gift.