Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Three Days of Crazy

We have had an eventful few days, to say the least. The crazy began on Christmas Eve. We woke up for a family breakfast and got a very special surprise...Uncle Kevin and Aunt Colleen! A few months back my youngest sibling, Kevin, moved to Seattle and he recently started a new job with a crazy schedule. He had been told that he would not have Christmas off, so all of us thought we would be spending Christmas without him. At the last minute he was able to get two days off (a Christmas miracle!), so he scheduled a flight down but only told my parents. I admit, he totally got me. I suspected nothing. It was a great Christmas treat!

After our breakfast we went down to the beach for a walk and some time playing in the sand. The water was a bit too cold for a swim, but it was beautiful (70s), so at least we got to soak up some sunshine. In the evening we went to church with Jeff's family, then had our "traditional" chinese food dinner with my family.

Christmas morning we started early and had breakfast with my family, opening presents, then went to Jeff's mom's place for a gathering with his family. Tommy spent the majority of that time running around with his cousin, and managed to totally wear himself out, just in time for us to go for Christmas dinner at my Aunt's house (my mom's extended family). By eight o'clock Jeff and I were about ready to fall over, we were so tired. The children were still going, of course.

On the day after Christmas mom, my sister (the pregnant one) and I hit the mall, because I really really needed some clothes that actually fit. We pretty much cleaned out the smalls in Old Navy's maternity department, but that is mostly because they don't stock enough! From there we went to Cox Christmas (my Dad's extended family). With four boys between 3 and 5 it was quite the wild rumpus.

And now, we rest. Well, as much as parents of two boys can ever rest...

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