Saturday, 17 December 2011

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

We finally told the boys about their new brother! We wanted to wait until we had a fairly good idea about the baby's health and planned on waiting until after the 20 week check, but the results of the 18 week were so good that we moved things up. Also, Tommy was definitely starting to notice that something was up. He didn't make the connection, but he was asking questions about my larger stomach and pants that won't button.

We wanted to tell them while they were doing something fun and special so that they would associate the new baby with excitement. Obviously this was more for Tommy than Nic; after how difficult it was for Tommy to accept Nicolas we wanted to start things out on the right foot. We took them to the zoo for the nightime Christmas lights, and it was a lot of fun. Because of the timing of the event and the lack of easily transportable food in our fridge, we decided to eat at the zoo (always a mistake), and we told the boys during dinner. Tommy's immediate reaction:

Me: (putting down food) What's wrong?
T: Your food will get on the baby's face! (comment accompanied by a dramatic hand gesture to indicate dripping food).

We've had to clear up a few misconceptions about pregnancy, as you can see from the above, but overall Tommy is very excited about the news. So far...

Here are some pictures from the big day:

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