Friday, 23 December 2011

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

After weeks of asking for a Christmas tree Tommy's dreams have come true. On Wednesday night we took a trip to In-N-Out burger (yum!) followed by a swing through the tree lot. Tommy was drawn to the shorter trees, and no one objected since for some reason the difference between a 5-6 foot tree and a 6 to 7 foot tree is fifteen dollars. You certainly don't pay by the foot.

Thursday night we had our big decorating party, complete with Amy Grant's Christmas Album (first one, obviously), a fire, and peppermint ice cream. Jjaja, Papa, Aunt Emily, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Jeremy joined in the fun, and it didn't take long at all to get the little tree looking festive.

Picking out the tree:

At the tree lot

Feeling the needles

Smelling the needles


Tommy got to put the angel on this year

But he had to fight Aunt Emily for the privilege

In case you were wondering why Emily and I are looking so odd, we took MANY group photos and none of them are good of all of us. Towards the end of the photo session, Em and I started mocking (with love, of course) Jeremy and Katie's weird baby bump poses (my sister is pregnant too, due May 10). That is why Emily has her hand lovingly rubbing my bump.


Joline said...

LOVE seeing the baby bump!

Robin said...

How much fun is this! So wonderful most of the family can be in Torrance. Sorry Kevin can't come down. We have Jim and Erin with their two boys here. Non-stop action. See you all at Cox Christmas. Uncle David