Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Wedding

These pictures are from the wedding of my friend Chelsea. Tommy looked particularly handsome in his tux, and I was quite happy with how my hair turned out. Despite going on my dad's "biggest loser" program for a full week, I had trouble zipping the dress (even though I was measured for it). I probably shouldn't have gone to El Burrito Jr. the day before... oh well, these things happen.

Not entirely happy about being separated from Mum all day.


The hair...

The dress...

Mr. and Mrs. Cook!

Trying to keep up with a Marine who was very anxious to get back up the aisle...in heels and a mermaid dress!

The Father/Daughter Dance gets interrupted.


Emily said...

haha that's probably because Dad's "biggest loser" program means eating four cookies instead of five... cutting back, always cutting back. ;)

Sweet Apron said...

You are stunning!! Tommy could not be more handsome. Charlie is looking forward to seeing him on Tuesday mornings.

sara said...

You look so beautiful! T is precious in his tux...what a beautiful day!