Friday, 27 August 2010

That's Funny!

Tommy has a new phrase that he persistently over-uses: "That's funny!" On a recent trip to the Arboretum, he ran past someone he didn't know and said hello, and then told me "that's funny!" Then, he ran past them again (after telling me he was going to say hello to them a second time) and when they beat him to it and said "hi" first, he ran away laughing and told me "That's funny!" Or, "Mum, Yellow Shirt." I agree that my shirt is indeed yellow. "That's funny!"(Repeat this type of thing all day long).

Whenever we pray Tommy prompts us to thank God for things he cares about. This typically includes his favorite foods, family, friends, activities, and occasionally books and/or their fictional characters. At bedtime one recent Tuesday night Tommy thanked God for "defense" and then stood up in bed to demonstrate. Tommy: "Defense. Daddy, DEFENSE!" Jeff: "Yes, thank you God for defense." At dinner the other night Tommy pulled out another new one. I thanked God for our food and the day and was about to finish when Tommy instructed me to thank God for "low-riders." That boy and his cars...

Most recently, one evening Tommy sat at the coffee table with his hotwheels and sang the ABC's like this: ABCDEF-CARS! HIJKLMNOP-CARS! QRSTUVWXYZ Now I know my CARS! CARS! CARS! next time won't you sing with me."

That's funny.


Gretchen said...

That's funny!

It sounds like he's going to have a true Cox sense of humor!

Sarah said...
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Mike and Sarah said...

That is adorable, what a funny guy! :)