Sunday, 29 August 2010


Still catching up. I suppose the "happiest place on earth" needs no explanation:

First pair of ears!

Hanging out while waiting for Dumbo.

The Tarzan tree house. Tommy could spend hours turning this crank.

Not excited about posing for a picture.

Meeting Mickey

Meeting Mickey was a traumatic event. First he couldn't wait to see Mickey. Then, when he got up close, he was a bit scared. Then, when his turn was over, he had a meltdown because he hadn't gotten to hug Mickey.

Wait, are we at Disneyland or a UCLA game?

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AHH said...

Hi, Leah--my daughter Laura Owen alerted me to your blog. (Your sister was a Delta Gamma sister of hers.) We took Laura to Disneyland when she was about Tommy's age. As we were leaving, she asked, "When will we be at Disneyland?" Later that night, when I asked her what her favorite part had been, she answered "the horse." I. e., the little 25-cent merry-go-round horse she'd ridden on when we stopped at Walmart to get some diapers.

I'm glad Tommy made more of the experience.