Thursday, 19 August 2010

Quick Insurance Update

After three days of leaving messages I heard back from the hospital. Apparently, their side of the story is they did file the claims on time, and my med group incorrectly refused to pay. The have taken my med group to some kind of mediation and are hoping to get their money that way.

The good news: they have not billed us, and therefore, have not sent me to collections.

The bad news: they won't promise not to.

Of course, at the end of the conversation I tried to figure out what this dispute means to us, and I told the woman that I didn't care how much they fought with my insurance as long as I did not have to pay. She said we "shouldn't have to," but, when I asked if that meant we didn't have to worry about this, she couldn't guarantee anything. At least she took our new address so if they do try and bill us I will at least know right away. Cold comfort. Very cold comfort. But, it's off my plate, and my mind, for now.

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