Friday, 13 August 2010

Defensive Stance

While we were home, Tommy played basketball with some "big kids" and he came home from this experience with some incorrect form, so Uncle Kevin intervened and attempted to teach him how to correctly defend.

He carefully explained to Tommy that he should squat, not too low, and have one hand up for blocking a pass and one hand low for snagging the ball.

Tommy took the term "defensive stance" a bit too seriously- check out how he carefully defends himself...

That hand is for snagging the basketball Tommy, not...

One more funny story, that I suspect was also Uncle Kevin inspired, although he claims not:

I was getting ready for something or other, and Tommy was in the room next to me playing. I heard him let out a very large, loud, and long toot. I listened carefully to hear if he excused himself. Instead I hear, in a low, soft whisper, "Awesome."