Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Update on Mary: Round Two, Week Three

Mom had a harder week, not because of the chemo, but because of the side effects from some of her medications. It is rather frustrating for her to feel sick from the medication prescribed to make her feel better. As usual, she is feeling much better now- just in time to have chemo and start the cycle all over again.

This week is a long chemo, and we are really praying that she is able to get treatment because after this round of chemo is finished she will go in for a CT scan to check the effect of all of this on her tumor. Last week her white blood cell counts were low, but just high enough to get chemo.

Please pray with us that:

Her white blood count will be high enough to get chemo this week.

The nurses would be able to find a vein easily and quickly.

The side effects of the chemo and other medications would be limited, and that she would not feel nauseous.

Her tumor would shrink, shrink, shrink.

Mom wants you to know that she is extremely grateful for all of your prayers. It seems like everyday someone new tells us they are praying for her, and we are so thankful to know that so many of you are lifting her up in prayer. Your love, support and help continue to make a huge difference as we travel this road.

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