Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Update on Mary: Countdown to CT

Mom completed her second round of chemo last week, so now we are waiting for her to have a CT scan to evaluate the response of her tumor to the chemo. She goes in on Friday, and we hope to hear the result of the reading on Monday, although it may take longer. Last week's chemo brought about the typical side-effects, but those have cleared up and she is looking forward to her week off. We had a big praise this week when Mom felt good enough to attend church on Sunday. It had been weeks since she has been able to make it and she really enjoyed the opportunity to worship and fellowship. We had a nice holiday weekend, and were thankful for the extra day to spend together and to rest.

Please pray:

that the CT reveals progress and a smaller tumor

for patience as we wait

for grace to accept the results, whatever they may be, and courage to face the next steps

that we can make the most of this week of good health and enjoy our time together

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and for your support.

Some pictures from our Sunday:

Two Peas in a Pod


Sweet Apron said...

We love you, Mary, are are rooting for you (praying, too!!). A few observations, Kenny looks sooo much like Amy. The picture of Nic with his tongue out is hilarious. I laughed when I saw the last pic, especially considering his woeful comment to Charlie that time: "Oh, you are such a pale, pale boy".!!
Keep fighting, Mary!!

Emily said...

haha that picture of the two Tommys is adorable!