Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Done and Done-In

Whew. I am so glad today is over, and so not looking forward to the run of craziness yet to come in the next few weeks due to our appointment overload. It seems that everything happens at once! When it rains doctor's appointments, it pours them.

We ended up spending an hour at the hospital this afternoon, and about 80% of that time was waiting, waiting, waiting to be called. The boys were miraculously angelic. Really. I was shocked at how patient they were, especially because we were waiting in a regular, adult waiting room and I spent most of the time reading to them from Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens.

The actual blood draw went fairly well. They found a vein quickly, for which I am grateful. I think they had the arm band on too tight though, because his blood was pumping out way way too slowly (and of course he was screaming and flailing the entire time), but it's done now. Tommy was fascinated by the entire process. Maybe we should start saving for Med school. Both boys were pleased to receive juice and Teddy Grahams at the end of the ordeal, and anything graham goes a long way to solve Nicolas' problems.

I am physically exhausted from the ordeal, and also from taking them to get some groceries afterwards. Not my preference, but we were out of milk and low on fruit. My children are fruit monsters, so the situation had to be remedied at almost any cost.

Thank you for your prayers for Nic! Please continue to pray that the results from the tests are good. It's going to be a long week as we wait for the news.

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